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Florida 2000 - Buying & Selling Real Estate in Cape Coral/Fort Myers Florida Buying & Selling SW Florida Real Estate - Luxurious Waterfront Homes

Florida 2000, Inc. is owned and operated by Sven Milberg, the licensed real estate broker of the company. Sven always has innovative ideas to realize goals and dreams and to make things happen. He vigilantly listens to his clients' wishes and expectations when it comes to searching for the right home in the right location.

Sven officially started working in the Florida real estate market in the year 2000. Before that time, he had already familiarized himself with the Southwest Florida real estate market by buying and selling properties as a private investor. For him, real estate is a true passion in which he finds his calling.

Interested in our story? Then keep reading the timeline:

In 1995, Sven and his wife Kerstin visited Florida for the very first time. It was just a short vacation trip to get to know the area. Naturally, they fell in love with this beautiful place. During that first stay in the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area they already bought their first investment property: A waterfront lot with boat access to the Gulf of Mexico and a stunning view in Northwest Cape Coral. Why waterfront? Because location is a key factor in real estate and that property turned out to be a profitable investment.

The following year, they brought their two little boys and the whole family spent a memorable Florida vacation together. At that point, Sven and Kerstin decided to build a vacation home in Cape Coral because they wanted to spend more time in SW Florida - a place they fell in love with. The vacation home quickly became the family's first place to stay when they decided to move from Germany to Florida in 1998. The family was excited to start a completely new chapter in their lives.

In 2000, Sven and Kerstin bought their first real estate company. Facing new challenges in the beginning, the business started booming within only a year and sales volume rapidly increased from year to year thereafter. A snowball started rolling, as the expression goes. They personally kept investing into the real estate market at the same time as Sven started to build up a base of satisfied clients for his business. He is still working with European and US investors, as well as people buying and selling their primary residences or vacation homes. His services cover the buyer's and seller's market and go from waterfront lots and homes to new construction, gated communities, and commercial properties throughout most of the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast region.

Cape Coral/Fort Myers Florida - Aerial View Caloosahatchee River Cape Coral/Fort Myers Florida - Aerial View Caloosahatchee River

During the time from 2007 to 2010 Sven went to work for RE/MAX Realty Group, until he decided to open his own business again in 2011 when the market showed signs of recovering from the drastic stagnation of the years before.

Today, Sven and Kerstin can look back and say that they are very fortunate to still be around, unlike many other companies that did not outlast the tough economic times. Sven has always kept a close relationship to his clients over the years and he distinguishes his real estate business through strong emphasis on outstanding customer service, honesty, integrity and loyalty. Therefore, he established long-lasting personal relations with most of his customers.

The two children, Jannik and Julian, are young adults now. The boys were born in Germany and raised bilingually in Florida. They appreciate the Florida lifestyle of waterfront-living with amenities like boating, jet skiing, and fishing.

Both went to a small private school until the end of their middle school age and then graduated from the rigorous International Baccalaureate program at Fort Myers High School.
Jannik graduated from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with a Master's degree in Business Administration as well as Information Systems Technology and is now establishing his career in the space industry. He also persued his passion for flying from a very young age on and became a licensed Private Pilot. 
Julian graduated from the University of Miami with a Master's degree in BioMedical Engineering. He started his career in cell biology by working in the sector of research and development of regenerative medicine. Both boys are also licensed real estate agents to support the family business from time to time. 

Kerstin graduated in the area of Finance and Administration. She has been licensed as a real estate professional since 2001. Since accounting has always been of interest to her she took charge of the business bookkeeping as well as the company's social media appearance and maintainance of the website.

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