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"We got to know Sven Milberg in 2001 when we were looking for a property which we quickly found and bought. Since then, multiple buying and selling transactions took place through him and we always found him to be a very dedicated, compentent, and fair business partner. We enjoy working together with him."

Anne & Reinhold S. (Feb. 2012)

"We would like to thank Mr. Milberg for his professional support and would recommend him without any reservations. Without his dedication and his inside knowledge of the housing market we would probably still not own a house in Florida. To help us find a house, we had initially picked a different realtor via the internet and had passed all vital details such as price range, location, features etc. to him beforehand. However, after the first few showings we got the impression that he was more interested in a fast sale and didn’t care much about the basic conditions we had asked him to consider.

By a happy coincidence we met a very satisfied customer of Mr. Milberg. She passed on his details and we were able to set up an appointment on short notice. Already this first meeting proofed to be much more to our liking and we had the feel to be in good hands. Mr. Milberg paid close attention to our explanation of what we were looking for and gave us a lively overview of the current situation in the US housing market before he showed us the first couple of houses. During these showings he proofed to be very knowledgeable, paid attention to our comments and objections on the various homes and was able to answer all our questions in great detail. After these first showings he said that he now had a clear picture of our “dream home”. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to find the perfect home (even though we got very close) during the rest of our stay but Mr. Milberg offered to keep on looking for the right home. We gladly accepted this offer and about three weeks after we had left, we received information that the perfect home had been found, Today, we can gladly say that he didn’t promise too much. The home does meet or expectations in every detail. This is exactly the support we would expect from a realtor. Mr. Milberg’s main concern was to find the perfect home for us, not to make a fast profit. It didn’t matter that we were looking for a house in the lower price segment and his commission would thus not be very high. After an extensive search he found a house that was affordable to us and even exceeded our expactations. Well done!! We would request Mr. Milberg’s services again and would recommend him to our closest friends without hesitation."

Regina & Thomas S. / Germany (Feb. 2012)

"We met the real estate agent, Sven Milberg, in 2005 through a friend's recommendation. Years ago, we acquired a lot in Cape Coral and for retirement we were looking for property in a gated community further south in Cape Coral. It was pure luck that we met Sven and his wife Kerstin. My husband and I were very busy in our jobs, so we didn't really have time to take care of business here. There was an instant trust between the Milbergs and us, last but not least due to the broker's sensitive and competent personality. We quickly found the right property for us without feeling pushed in any way. Sven dealt with all the commercial problems and supervised the entire construction phase of our house while we took care of our business in Germany. We received emails with pictures about the construction progress in between. He even took care of the final inspection and we could spend our Christmas vacation in our own house in Florida three months after completion. Sven also professionally sold our canalfront lot in Cape Coral to our complete satisfaction.

Meanwhile, we have the privilege to spend several months of the year here in Florida and to enjoy the climate and the beautiful lifestyle. We still have an ongoing business relationship with Sven and have implemented good transactions together. We are very satisfied customers and can recommend Sven Milberg at any time."

Gabriele J. & Egon P. / Germany (Jan. 2012)

"I was introduced to Sven through a business associate about 5 years ago and was always impressed with his real-estate knowledge and business sense. When my wife and I were looking for a new home in the Island Park area we were using a different agent that was not meeting our needs. We missed several properties and were very unhappy with our experience with this other agent. We contacted Sven and asked if he would be willing to help us find our dream home. To our delight he was more than happy to start showing us properties that day after he spent a lot of time with us finding out exactly what were our wants and needs were. After showing us 3 or 4 houses we put an offer in on one and the owner was not willing to negotiate at all. So we moved on to the next house and fell in love with it! We put an offer in that day. I have to say that the knowledge and information that Sven had was invaluable to us buying our new home and we bought it!! He helped us with so much more in buying our new home, from a lender that worked with us to introducing us with an insurance agent for our home owners insurance to a reference on movers. We have lived in our house for 2 ½ years now and love our house and our neighborhood and all of this would not have been possible without our amazing agent Sven Milberg!! Thank you so much Sven for all of the time and effort on making our dreams come true!"

Andrew & April

"I have known Sven for about 10 years. If you're seeking an aggressive, honest and reliable realtor then I would highly recommend Sven. Over the years my family has used Sven in several real estate transactions only because Sven is not your typical realtor. He has style, intelligence and charisma. He responds within the hour and always keeps you well informed. He asks many questions to qualify your needs and will always stay within your budget."

The Lindsay family

"I know Sven since 1998 when he started his real estate carrier in Cape Coral. We successfully invested in waterfront lots first, then also in dry lots and finally I build a house with him with 4 Bed and 3 Bath that did fit exactly into my budget. His lovely wife Kerstin supported us in mortgage matters. Sven is a very exact working guy with a high responsibility and integrity. He helped us in many other matters, be it legal or private. Working with him was always at a top professional level - which I appreciated a lot especially when there is a 6 hour time difference from Europe. Can only recommend working with him. His knowledge and tips were very valuable, evaluation of trends and timings excellent."

A. Bode

""I have found Sven on the internet. After the first contact, I was convinced of his professionalism, his honest answers and his expertise. After he has sold in a very short time my house, I would like to add that his calm, honest style has really impressed me. All information were excellent and knowledgeable and professional."

G. Miller

"I met Sven in 2001 when he had just started as a realtor, Being from Great Britain and Sven from German we struggled initially with both language and humor. This was rapidly overcome and a positive business/friendship ensued particularly when my wife Karen met his lovely wife, Kerstin. Sven was always keen to assist, research and respond and we did many, many transactions during the period up to the real estate crash in this area starting 2006/7. At that period I changed direction with real estate and pursued the auction route and Sven slogged on through a very lean and dark period. Those grim days behind us for now. It shows the tenaciousness and character of the person, something required to succeed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sven and his company to purchase a property in the Cape Coral/Ft Myers area."

Roger & Karen R.

"We met Sven Milberg in 2006 after a friend of us highly recommended this real estate broker. From 2006 to now, we did several transactions like bying and selling single family homes and lots as well, always to our full contentment.Sven took care about the whole process in a responsible and honest manner. For our future deals in the real estate market of Southwest Florida, there is no doubt about, that we will choose Sven Milberg again."

Rainer and Inge Ditter / Germany

"Sven is a very professional Realtor, always eager to backtrack to previous property and show you new property until you find your home, condo, etc. Great sense of humor!"

Linda L.

"We met Sven Milberg in 2008 spending a week in Cape Coral. We had general plans to invest in a Vacation Home in the Ft. Myers area but had no detailed Ideas about the type, Size, location gated etc. Sven asked many questions to qualify our needs and Budget, informed us in detail about the legal process to buy a property, different type of Homes, advantages and disadvantages of certain locations, Communities, rules to follow when renting out, property manager, simply everything we didn’t even think about. He showed us many different styles of Homes and finally we ended up with exactly the property we were looking for in a gated community. Sven and his wife Kerstin took care of the whole process to complete the transaction, Sven even visited us in Germany to clarify details in the process. When we returned to Ft. Myers we simply had to sign the Closing contract. Even after the transaction was closed Sven and Kerstin have always been available to assist in emerging problems and Questions far beyond the responsibilities of a real estate agent. Svens Milbergs highly professional Broker Skills are only second to his absolute reliable, trustworthy personality. The Milbergs will work with the same high engagement and effort to find you the home of your dreams no matter what your Budget is. When we bought our second property in 2013 we were not a second in doubt who to trust again. Sven and Kerstin Milberg!"

H. & A. Klein

"sven, his wife kerstin and i met back in 1998. he just moved from germany to florida and i commute between europe and the US which i believe(d) it is an excellent fit speaking the same language(s) and share the same cultural background. therefore i selected him as THE realtor to orchestrate my US real estate portofolio. we did quite a bit of business together : until 2006 sven sold 4 homes for me in cape coral and helped me to built 5 homes in naples and bonita springs and found my dream home in fort myers where i still enjoy to live. everything worked fine. if there were other issues e.g. getting an investor visa sven was very helpful. sven knows the local market and understands my needs. whenever i wanted to discuss price and/or contractual terms with sellers, buyers or builders - which happened often - he never was running out of steam and was able to achieve what was in our best interest. i still very much appreciate his engagement and his advise. he addresses issues before they become a problem. in summary: if you work with sven (and kerstin) it is not only a pleasure but an essential key to business success."

Volker D.

"I have been a real estate investor in the SW Florida market since 1997. I started out working with some other agents before I met Sven in 2000. Over the years, Sven and I have done dozens of transactions varying from vacant land to residential and commercial new construction and single family homes - always prime locations in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Estero. I have been very pleased with Sven since he was always able to resell my investments in a reasonable time with excellent profit. I trusted him on every level and he always advised me exceptionally well. Sven is a great business man, has an eye for details and always thinks outside the box. Thanks for all your hard and good work. Keep it up!!"

H. Olbermann