Selling a Property

If you hire an experienced real estate professional to sell your home, they will guide you through the process every step of the way, know all the paperwork needed, and accompany you to the closing table to make sure you receive the proceeds of the sales transaction.

Why choose Florida 2000?

Our values and priorities are:

  • to provide outstanding customer support
  • to deliver results
  • to always listen to the needs of our customers
  • to maintain the highest level of Integrity, Honesty & Ethics

Once you have decided to choose Florida 2000, we will set up a personal meeting at your house to get an impression of the property and its location.
We will discuss improvement options that could make the house look more appealing with the intention to sell it in the shortest time period possible. Every dollar invested in minor cosmetic modifications results in a-dollar-for-dollar return. Regardless of how your home looks to you, it is more important what the potential buyer sees and thinks about it. When selling real estate you need to push emotions to the side and think of your house as a marketable object. The goal is to get others to see it as their potential home, not yours. If you are not willing to make this decision, it could create the situation where it takes longer to sell your property.

First step: Get your house ready to sell and start to "de-personalize" it by putting away items like family photos, collectibles, and knick-knacks.
Then, get rid of all the clutter and if something is broken, fix it. Easy and fast repairs are: Leaky faucets, non-working appliances, holes and cracks in walls, broken light-bulbs or squeaky doors and windows. A thourough clean-up and and a fresh coat of paint if needed can make the difference to the discerning homebuyer that views your house.

As real estate professionals, we can give you a detailed market analysis regarding the value of your property backed-up by recent sales data of similar homes in the area. We will discuss additional expenses such as realtor commission and closing costs, as well as feasible selling tools that could play a role in a homebuyer's decision when choosing a property, e.g. offering owner-financing or a lease-purchase option. It is crucial for the seller to know what type of listing contract the brokerage uses. Florida 2000 uses the "Exclusive-Right-To-Sell" contract which is the most common one. It gives the listing agent the right to sell the property for a specified time, with the right to earn a commission if the property is sold by anyone, including the owner, during the listing period.

The listing contract can be cancelled at any time and for any reason if the seller is not satisfied with our services
No fees involved!

All of our listings will be listed in the local MLS database (Multiple Listing Service) which automatically multiplies the market exposure of the property.
In addition, your property will be advertised on our website as a "featured listing" and a colorful yard sign will be posted in the front of your property with a brochure box containing flyers with a detailed description and various pictures of the house.
We have a large network of international clients that are constantly looking to acquire properties. Therefore, chances are that we can quickly find a potential buyer for you.

Notifications of scheduled showings will always be given ahead of time. To make the showing of your house easier for other real estate agents as well, you should consider allowing us to place a lockbox with a key inside at a convenient place. This way, agents are much more flexible when they want to view your home with potential buyers. We will personally attend every showing at your home if desired.
All received offers will be presented in a timely manner, reviewed, and negotiated on your behalf. Once, all the terms of the contract have been agreed on, a title company will be chosen that prepares the necessary closing documents and insures a safe and successful transaction.

We offer further assistance in relation to disconnecting your utility services (e.g. electric, water, phone, internet), finding a moving company or storage facility, schedule a final cleaning,etc.

It is our job to support you every step of the way!!

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